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With my hyphenated practice, I am most effective in devising and interdisciplinary works.

I also enjoy working on projects that involve translations (from English to Mandarin & vice versa). 

My current focus is on eco-dramaturgy and what that means in a Singapore context.

Selected past projects include:

'Dramaturgs-in-Practice Training Programme' (Centre 42).

‘I Came At Last To The Seas’ (Esplanade)

'Accommodate: a tabletop role-playing game' (Accommodate)

'The Nest' (Rainshadow Studios) 

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Rainshadow Studios present: Scarce City

research/audience reception 

(2022- ongoing)

“Imagine: a world without light.

Then one day, after a particularly violent quake, balls of light started appearing in our caves.

It is written: The first principle of governance is economics.

The first principle of economics is scarcity.”

Scarce City is an artistic experience that is part-strategy game and part-immersive theatre. This experimental project integrates motion tracking and player-responsive lighting with an original script and score to create a world where you and your team determine the future of the planet Opalia.

This showcase was made possible by the Singapore National Arts Council Creation Grant.

For this project, my role is to be a sounding board for the director, while assisting with the game flow script as well as the the post-show facilitation script and collaterals.

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