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Due to my hyphenated practice, I am most effective in devising/interdisciplinary/text-based processes.

I also enjoy working on projects that involve translations (from English to Mandarin & vice versa).

I am currently expanding my practice to include eco-dramaturgy as a lens.

Some past projects include:

'Dramaturgs-in-Practice Training Programme' (Centre 42).

‘I Came At Last To The Seas’ (Esplanade)

'Accommodate: a tabletop role-playing game' (Accommodate SG)

'The Nest' (Rainshadow Studios) 

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Scarce City

research/audience reception 


In collaboration with Rainshadow Studios and recipient of the NAC Creation Grant, Scarce City is an immersive art experience that functions like a resource-management strategy game, with a twist. Part-art and part-climate-education, Scarce City leverages the power of games and immersive theatre to build new perspectives on climate change.

For this project, my role is to be a sounding board for the director, while assisting with creating the script and structure for the post-show dialogue and collaterals.

Scarce City
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